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Starting the process is about taking the first step to a conversation to the resolve for you, by simply completing the next few steps it will generate a phone call or e mail to discuss option and advice by the PIP closest to you. There is no charge for this initial step.

Tired of not being able to find the right PIP?

Propip was set up with the aim to help find the right PIP just for you! We take the guess work away from you so you can have peace of mind. With over 50% of all cases done between the Propip network your worries will soon be a thing in the past.

  • Access to the best PIPs in Ireland.
  • Covering all 26 Counties.
  • Collectively more insolvency arrangements.
  • 5 PIP Minds in one place.
  • More Personal Insolvency Experience in one place.
  • Trusted Knowledge.
  • Legal Supports and Knowledge.
  • Proven Results.
  • All PIPs are Abhaile PIPs.

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